About Us

Ninja Creative was formed in 2012 with the vision of being able to provide high quality content to all customers, regardless of the company size or company need. Since that time, we have rapidly expanded from a small team of writers and editors into the fully-fledged creative agency it is today.

Ninja Creative operates efficiently, with a core team based across the UK, Europe and the US. Our English language writers, all of whom are hand-picked and thoroughly tested before being assigned to clients, hail from the United Kingdom and United States. 

Foundational to our business are the values that guide our work. 

Our Values


Fully committed to listening and understanding your unique needs.


Recognize that our role is to help you be successful.


Ensure that we keep our promises to you and fully deliver to your expectations.


Believe that the creative content that we provide our customers helps to fuel their business.

Our values are simple. Delighting Our Customers, Building a Partnership, Having Integrity, and Working Creatively. To live our values, we bring together the highest caliber of leadership, writers, content strategist and customer success professionals. With over 50 combined years in the fields of business, writing, communications and marketing, our team is fully prepared to address any need that our clients have. We have breadth and depth of varied education, experiences and skills that makes us uniquely prepared to meet any customer needs.