Top Ten Grammar Peeves

As I was scrolling down my Facebook feed (look – I was on my lunch break, OK?) the other day, I stumbled across this rather amusing list of common grammar mistakes (a friend of mine had liked it). The list was assembled by the grammerly website. They provide software which automatically proof reads text for … Read more

Using Killer Content to Boost Business (Part One)

Is there a secret formula for creating great content? Well, there are certainly some useful guidelines to follow and proven techniques to adopt. Every content creator worth their salt wants to produce engaging content that strengthens the inbound marketing strategy of their business or employer. For online content to stand out and seize attention it … Read more

Correct English Grammar: Could Of or Could Have?

There is no such phrase as “could of” so why do so many people say and write it? The problem occurs when you shorten ‘could have’ to ‘could’ve’. Try saying it. It sounds like ‘could of’ doesn’t it? Those unfamiliar with the English language or even those who have just grown up saying it this … Read more

5 Great Methods to Get Your Online Content Seen and Shared

Every content creator wants to give their audience a valuable and informative experience. To do this requires research, writing skill and a commitment to creating engaging content using a mix of media available to you. However, on an incredibly competitive Internet, content creators cannot bring their efforts to a halt there. There are many methods … Read more

Correct English Grammar: Affect or Effect?

The English language can be incredibly complicated and to date the Oxford English Dictionary lists 171,476 words in common usage and 47,156 obsolete words. Furthermore, this by no means covers the whole of the English language, which is thought to consist of at least a quarter of a million words! Is it any wonder then, … Read more

What is Google Author Rank?

Ask content marketers and SEOs what they think will most impact upon their professions in 2013 and many will say without hesitation: Author Rank. But what exactly is this shadowy new metric rumoured to be making its way towards us, constantly slipping into conversations and popping up upon our screens? Introduction to Author Rank It is … Read more

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