5 Great Methods to Get Your Online Content Seen and Shared

Every content creator wants to give their audience a valuable and informative experience. To do this requires research, writing skill and a commitment to creating engaging content using a mix of media available to you.

However, on an incredibly competitive Internet, content creators cannot bring their efforts to a halt there.

There are many methods to get your online content seen and shared by a wider audience. Use the online tools available to you and keep an eye on key developments that will make your job easier and your work more effective and efficient. Here are five great ways to ensure your invested time and effort doesn’t go to waste.

Get Social Media Working For You

We are living in the age of social media. Using established networks like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn is crucial if you want to drive more traffic to your content by stimulating likes and shares. Make the effort to post regularly across all your profiles and build up a strong network of professionals and people who share your interests. Target those most likely to engage with and share your content and never be afraid to contact friends and colleagues and ask for a like and share.

Cutting Edge Tools

Software developers are constantly devising new and innovative methods to stimulate social sharing and make it easier for content creators to get their work seen.


Flauntt.com homepage

Flauntt.com is an excellent new platform that uses a credit system to reward quality content and reward those who share it. You can sign up hassle free with your Twitter account, Flauntt your best work and reap the rewards of getting the social-sharing ball rolling as part of your content marketing strategy.

Use Social Bookmarking Platforms

To get quick indexing for your website, substantial traffic to your content, a good level of sector authority and excellent backlinks remember to use social bookmarking platforms like StumbleUpon, Twitter, Digg, Reddit and del.icio.us.

Digg.com homepage

Digg’s new look homepage

Target the right audiences with your very best content to gain the high ratings you desire. Also remember to comment on other people’s bookmarked content to make your voice heard and share insightful opinions and solutions. Here’s a great guide on how to boost business with social bookmarking.

Engage and Share In Forums

There are thousands of topic-related forums online that provide an excellent opportunity to engage with people in your sector on trending topics, pertinent issues affecting your industry and solutions to business-specific difficulties. You can also demonstrate how your services or product can help others in your industry and share a link to content that provides useful information and insight regarding any topic that arises on the forum.

Develop Your Authority as an Author

While all social media platforms can help strengthen your authorship credentials, LinkedIn and Google+ have extra benefits. On LinkedIn you can join business-related target groups that will help you to reach out to other professionals and share quality content engaging with industry-specific trending topics, demonstrating your high level of engagement with your sector and your knowledge and expertise. On Google+ you can use Google Authorship to link your content to your profile. There are strong indications that Google will be incorporating an AuthorRank algorithm into their search software in the near future and taking action now will prepare you for the next crucial phase in SEO.