Top Four Reasons I need a Content Manager

All companies produce content of some kind, whether that is their main purpose (say, a magazine or a news site) or simply a way to get themselves noticed and sell their goods or services.

And, if you produce content, it’s pretty much guaranteed you need a content manager. Why? Well, because of what I just said. Everyone and their mother is producing content these days, so in order to get noticed your company needs to produce high quality, relevant content that can differentiate your company from everyone else. So, we get it that content is king!  

The Role of a Content Manager.

Think of a content manager as a strategist for all your content.  A good content manager will ensure that your site has the right content written for the right purpose at all times.  Moreover, they will think strategically about how you are using content to optimize your return on investment, ultimately connecting each written piece of content as a master puzzle that is uniquely prepared for you.

The Top Four Reasons to Use a Content Manager

  • Content managers are experts in strategic planning first and foremost. There is always an overall vision to the work of a good content manager, and that shows. The content is leading somewhere, always pushing towards the agreed strategy for your brand. And, making sure that all your digital content is connected and congruent.
  • Content managers have deep knowledge.  They always know what’s going on in the worlds of advertising, content management, and online trends. All three of these are areas that change quickly, so keeping on top of them is a huge job, and too much to ask of anyone not committed to the role. Unless you want to take on the job yourself and work 20-hour days, that is?
  • Content managers have breadth and depth of skills. In addition to skill as a writer, editor and often graphic design, a content manager must have knowledge of HTML at a minimum, and be very comfortable with content management software (CMS) – the back-end tools used to manage content. Exceptional content managers typically have strong research experience and a good working knowledge of both advertising and social media trends
  • But probably most important…content managers can get you results!  They have the ability to increase your audience, and therefore your customer base, not only by increasing the amount and the quality of content you put out but also by targeting groups you might not have thought of. A small alteration to a content strategy can mean that it is inclusive of a new age group, or even attracts women to say, buy your blue-packaged razors, as well as men.

How to Find a Good Content Manager

We’ve established you need a content manager, but where do you start looking for one? And how do you know what, specifically, they will do to improve your business?

Content managers can come from many backgrounds, from journalism to web design. The most important thing to look for when hiring one, apart from the skills listed above, is the sense that they understand your company and its goals. They should be really in tune with what you’re trying to communicate to the world, and be willing to build on those goals.  

In the same vein, all content managers should be great communicators. This is necessary both so they can communicate with you, breaking down the logic for the content strategy they have decided on so that the whole team is on board with it, and so that they can communicate with the world at large. 

Content managers are employed by many different types of companies from agencies, media companies to start-ups or e-Commerce.  Those type of companies are good sources to find a content manager.  However, if you’re a first-timer when it comes to content managers, or if you either aren’t in a position to commit to a new member of staff or simply run a small operation, then outsourcing could be your answer. 

Companies such as Ninja Creative can create content and also manage it. Having a partner who can provide full scale support when it comes to your digital content needs is a critical imperative for any client. Content managers provide a full-service view that can ensure we stay fully invested and aligned throughout the life cycle of the engagement.

At Ninja Creative, we live and breathe content. It’s what we do all day – create it, edit it, post it, advise on it. Taking your partnership with us to the next level by hiring one of our amazingly talented content managers can potentially tap into a whole new market and take your business to the next level!