296 Creative Ideas for Newsletter Names

When you’re starting up any new venture, it’s all about getting your website design and content right. Starting a regular newsletter may not be your top priority, as you need to have some news first and someone to tell it to. Once launched, though, newsletters become more important. Now you want to increase your web traffic and maintain interest. One of the best ways to do this is to create a newsletter with a catchy name. 

Why have an email newsletter?

A newsletter is among the top email marketing strategies: 

  • Gains the attention of your target audience, especially when it has a creative name
  • Enables you direct and personal communication with your customers, group, or family members
  • Great way to provide valuable information, promotions and deals
  • Raises brand awareness and helps deliver a stable ROI
  • Enables you to nurture your prospects, and keep them interested until they’re ready to commit
  • Helps you grow your business and convert existing customers into loyal repeat customers
What do you expect to achieve with your newsletter?

Updating your subscribers personally offers them real value in their daily life. They’ll come to rely on your information or look forward to an amusing interlude. You’ll develop a reputation for smart insights, wit and creative ideas. Newsletter marketing will give you a competitive edge and put your company name front of mind with your target audience.

Creative newsletter names 

When it comes to naming newsletters, it’s not enough to choose a good newsletter name – you want a great newsletter name. It has to grab people’s attention, but it also has to have a direct correlation with your business or purpose. 

Who are you trying to reach.. And WHY?

You need to find a unique name – a memorable name that’s easy to understand. You want to deliver a message or tell a story in a creative way. That means choosing a newsletter name that immediately tempts people to open it up. 

Some of the most effective ways to do this are to play with words. You can use alliteration, i.e. start all your words with the same letter, like Bugs Bunny’s Bank Boosters. You can make your name rhyme, like Bugs Bunny’s Funny Plugs, or relate it directly to your business or activity, like Bugs Rescue Bunnies. Or you can just state the purpose of your newsletter, pure and simple, as in Business Today.

Finding a great name for your newsletter

It’s not easy to come up with a good name, but there are a few online tools that offer helpful resources. These are mainly lists of words and word-association suggestions, but may also include visual resources for your logo and social media. Type ‘unique newsletter names’, ‘catchy newsletter name’ or ‘best newsletter names’ into your search engine to get started.

You’ll find sources that provide formulas or that free-associate on your product or brand. A good idea is to visualize a list of names, say them out loud several times and see if they click. When you’ve narrowed down the best names, run them by your friends to see how they go down. You might even set up a focus group to assess your choices. 

What’s in a name?

Your newsletter title must directly impact your target sector, so the first step to a perfect name is to determine your approach. Should it be funny, or strictly professional? Conservative or cool? Traditional or cutting-edge? 

Funny names

Almost everyone responds to humor, even on a serious subject. Puns and trade jokes frequently catch the eye of potential subscribers, so it’s a good way to attract a reader’s attention. 

  • Care Wars
  • Bona Foodie
  • Parent Wrap
  • Bar Trek
  • Gonna Get it
  • As the Stomach Churns
  • Stoner’s Digest
  • Waistline Weekly
  • Daily Doggie Digest
  • Happy Wife, Happy Newsletter
  • Hair Me Out
  • Victoria’s Secret Newsletter

Serious Names

Serious names tend to be for serious subjects, like health or environmental news. Agencies like NASA or Greenpeace are more likely to opt for a serious name that states their intentions than to joke about it.

Below is a list of newsletters managed by NASA.  Who knew they had so many!?

  • NASA Explore
  • Station Science News
  • Space Biology Newsletter
  • Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth Monthly Update
  • NASA Earth Science Applied Sciences Disasters Community Newsletter                 
  • What’s New on NASA’s Earth Observatory
  • Daily Natural Event imagery from NASA’s Earth Observatory
  • Weekly Natural Event imagery from NASA’s Earth Observatory
  • NASA Global Climate Change Newsletter
  • NASA Sea Level Change Newsletter
  • Ask NASA Climate Newsletter
  • International Observe the Moon Night Newsletter          
  • NASA Astrobiology Mailing List
  • NASA Flight Opportunities Newsletter   
  • NASA Small Spacecraft Systems Virtual Institute Resource Brief
  • SLS Highlights
  • Technology Transfer Program
  • SOFIA Science Newsletter           
  • Artemis I STEM Learning Pathway   
  • NASA Express   
  • JPL Education Updates  
  • JPL News     
  • The Concept – NASA Small Business Innovation Research
  • NASA Ames Astrogram
  • Armstrong X-Press
  • Aerospace Frontiers
  • Marshall Star
  • In Case You Missed It (Marshall Space Flight Center)

Political Names

Political news often comes from news commentators, and may well be put out under that person’s name. This means that if you subscribe to a publication like the New York Times, you’ll be looking for a journalist’s opinion you respect.

  • Right on target
  • Right on Red
  • Wrong on Left
  • Next Left
  • Conservative weekly
  • Progressive Patriot
  • Concerned Citizen
  • Right Times
  • Washington Wrapup
  • Red, Blue, and You
  • As the Pendulum Swings
  • Undecided Anonymous
  • The Moderate Vote

Company Newsletters

A company newsletter should make clear your brand name and what business you’re in. This makes it of direct appeal to potential subscribers in that sector, and will associate your reliable knowledge with a level of trust in your business. 

  • XYZ Company Happenings
  • Gaylord Construction Monthly Bulletin
  • Shannon McDaniel’s Quarterly Updates
  • Springfield City Bulletin
  • Apple Plumbing Consumer Tips
  • G.L.G. Law Quarterly Review
  • Taylor Lighting Supply Monthly Enlightenment
  • Tracy’s Monthly Home Market Update

Modern Names

Finding the right name for a newsletter with a modern outlook is one of the most difficult approaches. ‘Modern’ is a subjective idea which is constantly changing, so keeping up to date is almost impossible. You don’t want your newsletter to be dated, so be careful how closely you associate with trends.

  • Word Balance
  • Digital Marketer
  • Remote Connect Digest
  • Bits and Bytes
  • Word Broadcast
  • The Bulletin
  • In Tune
  • The Key Note
  • The Bullet Weekly
  • Second Street Beat
  • Highlights
  • Short Cuts
  • The Daily Diva
  • People’s Press
  • Right Direction
  • The Beacon
  • Steering Clear
  • Roadmap to Success

Church newsletter names

Church newsletters can use simple names, depending on the kind of content they feature. They can be just the name of the church, the area or the denomination. 

  • The Message Today
  • Always Seeking Truth
  • Living in Grace
  • Sharing the Good News
  • The Weekly Messenger
  • The Gospel Truth
  • At the Crossroads
  • A Joyful Noise
  • Message of the Cross
  • The Psalm Reader
  • Good News Today
  • The Olive Branch
  • Matters of Faith
  • Keeping the Faith
  • Today from the Word 
  • The morning Light
  • Daily Bread
  • Cross Chronicles
  • Daily Hope
  • Following the Faith
  • Guidance from the Gospel 
  • Weekly Worship Digest
  • Heaven Sent
  • Lighthouse Gazette
  • The Rock Messenger
  • Daily Hope

Club or Organization Names

Club newsletters can be as personalized or quirky as your potential readers and subjects. Book clubs, art clubs, handicrafts, hobbies and sports all have handles you can hang a name on, which make them immediately recognizable.

  • Four O’clock Club Pages
  • The Guided Light
  • The Parkside Supporter
  • Allentown Community Pathways
  • Grassroots Gazette
  • Aim High Rifle Clips
  • Segments
  • Broncos Playbook
  • Bridging Content
  • Bloomington Chess Brief
  • Hidden Valley Dispatch
  • Technology Times
  • Dowtown Insider Network
  • Carlsbad Tech Times
  • Going Places Travel Log
  • Are We There Yet?
  • The Jetsetting Crowd Gazette


Restaurant newsletters can be fun to devise. They can trade on their business name, a particular type or style of food, or its place of origin. They’re often alliterative or paint a verbal picture of what’s on your plate. 

  • The Sandwich Break
  • Diner Stories
  • The Chow Express
  • Tasty Spots
  • Culinary Concepts
  • Hot Spots Digest
  • Tasty Happenings
  • All Things Restaurant
  • Gastronomic Adventures
  • Cuisine Concepts
  • Southern Eats Digest
  • Where To Eat
  • Chow Now
  • Digital Eats
  • Online Dine
  • The Place To Be
  • Soup of the Day
  • The Noodle Gazette
  • Bistro Bulletin
  • The Pizzeria Times
  • Restaurant Roundup
  • The Eatery
  • Feeding the Palate
  • The Round Table
  • Salt and Pepper Monthly
  • Daily Spice
  • The Online Wok
  • Restaurant Tales
  • Chinese Restaurant World
  • The Golden Spoon
  • New Eats Monthly
  • Wild Eats Weekly
  • Weekly Tastes
  • Thai Cooking for Beginners
  • Toast Alerts
  • Yum Daily
  • Cooking Highlights
  • Sweet and Spicy Daily
  • Oven Reports
  • Kitchen Diaries
  • Pizza and Pasta Journals
  • Asian Eats Bulletin
  • Sweet News
  • From The Oven
  • Everything Vegan
  • Cocoa Concepts
  • Rice Daily
  • Everyday Grains
  • Keto Digest
  • Paleo Palate


Financial newsletters may vary their names according to the importance of their source or topic. The Wall Street Journal, for instance, is able to split up their topics and name each one according to its theme. 

  • The Bank Notes
  • The General Ledger 
  • In the Black
  • Fast Financiers 
  • Finance Digest 
  • Frugal Finance 
  • Full Account 
  • The Daily Deposit 
  • Hockey Stick Growth 
  • Turtle and the Hare
  • Win the Race
  • Slow and Steady Winners
  • Insider News 
  • Stock Advisor
  • The Trader’s Pulse 
  • Investor Insight 
  • Money and More 
  • Money Funds 
  • Sector Rotations
  • Monthly Allocation
  • Daily Dividend Express
  • Debt Sucks 
  • 6-Month Debt Reduction Guide 
  • Million Dollar Mindset 
  • Secrets of Top Investors 
  • Lessons from the A-Z 
  • A Record Year 
  • The Sales Tips Newsletter 
  • The Counter
  • The Fitting Room 
  • Checkout News 
  • My Two Cents 
  • The Bottom Line 
  • In the Black News 
  • Market Forecaster
  • Finance Pulse 
  • Finance Account 
  • Investor Digest 
  • My Money
  • Mutualfund Trends


HR newsletters can be industry or location-specific. They may reflect recruitment trends or highlight common problems. They may appeal either to professionals generally or be pertinent to an individual company. 

  • The Human Resource
  • Career Speed
  • Teacher
  • Ladder Climbing Tips
  • Company Updates
  • Stealth
  • Company University
  • Quarterly Benefit Examiner
  • Opportunity Knocks
  • HR Happenings
  • Career Mentor
  • Of Like Mind


Employee newsletters are intended to update staff with company information. They’re designed to boost morale, encourage greater employee engagement and increase productivity, so a good employee newsletter name is essential.

  • Company Announcements
  • Top Talent Job Market Updates
  • Employee Rules 
  • Company da Rule 
  • Future Proof SEO 
  • The Best SEO 
  • Delta Health 
  • You Work-We Pay 
  • Fitness Quarterly
  • Ninja Marketing Agency 
  • Grow with Us 
  • Staff Base
  •  Achieve Success 
  • Success 
  • Kindred Spirits 
  • Our Voices 
  • The Rap-Up 
  • The Advisor 
  • The Beat 
  • The Bulletin 
  • Bullets
  •  Agency Mark 
  • Get Response 
  • Good Read 
  • Make Your DAY 
  • Achieve More 
  • Constant Improvement

Software  / Technology / Innovation

Technology newsletters can be specific to their manufacturers or standard, like Microsoft, Java, Apple, etc. They’re primarily bulletins aimed at their users, about new features and benefits, and the latest technology trends. Names for industry newsletters like these tend to be straightforward and descriptive.

  • Virtualization Newsletter
  • Python Mastery
  • SEO News
  • Content Weekly
  • Site Digest
  • Off The Grid Gazette
  • New App Digest
  • The Razor – Cutting edge tech.
  • Digital Impressions
  • Microblogging Today
  • Tech Traffic
  • Social Media Today
  • Tracking Today
  • Elements Weekly
  • The Innovation Station
  • Tech Concepts
  • The Digital Hub
  • Keyword Control
  • Understanding Semantics
  • Tech Property Weekly
  • Network News
  • High Value
  • Back End News
  • App World
  • Bayside Tech Journal
  • Vision Control
  • Web Series
  • Cloudy with a chance of Innovation
  • Full stack Backpack

How and where to offer up your newsletter

You want to make subscribing as easy as possible, so you should offer your newsletter on your website as a simple sign-up form. Don’t ask for more information than you need –  just an email address. A data capture form is better than a link to a different page, which involves multiple different steps. Every extra click represents time wasted and attention drawn away from your home page, so put the form right there, in a header, footer or sidebar.

You might offer subscriber-only benefits as an incentive, or contract with an affiliated site to promote your newsletter. You can offer a sneak peek at your content to attract subscribers, such as the first part of a multi-part informational blog. You can include a sign-up form on your blogs and social media posts. You could also add it as an option on your checkout page or your comments box, since users will already be providing their contact details. You might embed a pop-up box, or offer product discounts on signing up. You can even add a link to your email signature template.

Your first newsletter will set up your brand, so you need a catchy title that makes a direct connection in your reader’s brain between what they see and what you do. Take your time, and choose a name that accurately reflects your activities or characteristics. Good luck!