The Marketing Crisis: No One’s Listening

In 2008, Google exceeded 1 trillion indexed web pages. Today, it processes around 24 petabytes of data per day – that’s 24 million gigabytes. Advertising comes directly to us through all our media: smart phones, tablet computers, Internet and TV. Imagine being plagued by cold callers with the latest unmissable offer, not occasionally, but 24/7. … Read more

Google Glass: A Fresh Vista for Content Marketing?

Unless you’ve suffered a particularly severe case of narcolepsy recently you’ll have already been caught up in the whirlwind of excitement stirred up by Google Glass. Looking like a prop left out of the Star Wars franchise, Google’s new augmented reality eyewear are poised on the changing face of marketing, ready to blow our minds, … Read more

8 Wacky Writing Styles to Entertain Your Readers

Every individual has his or her own unique writing style that shines through every article, essay or blog they produce. Yet a writing style is more than just a reflection of the writer, it is also a reflection of the audience and how that writer perceives them. Getting the writing style right can make a … Read more

Curious Writing Habits of 4 Famous Modern Writers

All things considered, writers are a strange breed. As they develop the writing technique that makes or breaks their literary reputations, they often develop bizarre writing habits, sometimes through necessity, but often due to the curious quirks in their personalities. There are many modern writers who, possessing curious writing habits, nevertheless produced magnificent tomes that … Read more

How to Write an Awesome Article (For the Web)

Come on now, you’ve all heard it – it’s got to be one of the most used phrases within the SEO community: Content is King. It’s been tossed around the Internet like a drunk girl at a party, and perhaps justifiably, as even after the rapid evolution of search engines over the last few years, … Read more

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Don’t Fall Victim to Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

Okay, our spelling and grammar checkers are all very good and everything. But, whatever you do, don’t find yourself relying too heavily on them. You see, they are sometimes unable to pick up on some mistakes. For instance, you might have accidentally put ‘ewe’ when you meant to write ‘you’. Now, because ‘Ewe’ is an … Read more

Using Killer Content to Boost Business (Part Two)

If you’ve followed the guidance given in part one of this two-part post, you or a professional content creation company have produced some well written, informative and engaging content that will be of real value to your target audience. Now it’s time to get your content out there to be viewed, shared and interacted with … Read more

Writers Block? 24 Smashing Blog Post Ideas

Writer’s block can happen to the best of us and even the most influential bloggers have agonised with it. But don’t despair it is possible to overcome the blank empty recesses of the mind, where once many blog post ideas flowed. There could be a myriad of reasons why you have been stumped on what … Read more