Publishing a New Article? Be Sure to Follow This Check List

They don’t say Content is King for nothing. It really, really is. It’s the fuel that drives websites up to the top of those all important search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

But when it comes to writing content, there are some vital points to consider.

Unique Content

I can’t stress just how crucial this is. If content on a website is duplicated, it will be penalized. Copying and pasting should be avoided at all costs. So, if you want to climb your way up to the top of Google, original content is the way to go.

Unique content

Write from scratch and NEVER copy/paste (image source: desiitaly)

Anyway, why would you not what your own stuff? By writing your own SEO content, or employing a professional to write it on your behalf, your content can have the tone of voice you want it to have, in turn giving your website/brand a personality of its very own.

Conduct Keyword Research

Keywords let the search engines know what your website’s about. But you can’t just put any keyword, oh no. For SEO success, you must carry out some basic keyword research.

Understand keywords

Understand relevant keywords (image source: Sam Applegate)

This way, you can see exactly what keywords your target market is scouring the net for. The Google Keyword tool is a good place to start.

Once you know the keywords, you can thread them naturally into your copy. But, whatever you do, don’t stuff them into your text, otherwise it won’t make sense. Many think that by ramming keywords here, there and everywhere, they’re on the right track. But it’s bad SEO practice. Content needs to flow naturally, be interesting to read and have keywords in places where they’ll effortlessly slot in.

Research the Topic

Google’s a clever search engine, very clever indeed. Not only can it suss out whether content’s unique and pick up on any keywords, Google can also tell if the writer’s been bluffing their way through an article too.

Research topics

Research your topics! (image source: juditk)

Remember: Google also employs manual (human) checkers to assess website quality.

So, if you’re unfamiliar with a subject you’re writing about, research, research and research! Not only will you be doing your website a favour in the SEO stakes, you’ll be doing your visitor (who’s in need of the information) a favour too.

Write Relevant Content

Write content that’s relevant to the website in question. I mean, it’s no good writing about holidays if the website’s all about cars!
By providing relevant content, you’ll have no problem attracting your target audience.

Always Remember, Content is King

So, is it likely that King Content will ever be dethroned? Not on your nelly. For starters, Google thinks too highly of it. And, secondly, quality content gives visitors that all important information they’re in need of. Images might be useful and pretty to look at (sometimes) but content is far more important, it explains far more than an image ever will.

What’s more, King Content gives your article a good chance of being socially tossed around the Internet like a drunk girl at a party!