Google Glass: A Fresh Vista for Content Marketing?

Unless you’ve suffered a particularly severe case of narcolepsy recently you’ll have already been caught up in the whirlwind of excitement stirred up by Google Glass.

Looking like a prop left out of the Star Wars franchise, Google’s new augmented reality eyewear are poised on the changing face of marketing, ready to blow our minds, alter our perspective on the world and start a revolution.

Amusing Google Glass

Ready for the revolution? (image source: lingeswaran)

Naturally, the shock of the new has riled some dissenters, with a fiery band of luddites and conspiracy theorists already starting to voice grave concerns over the impact Google’s augmented reality glasses might have upon personal privacy.

It’s still early days, but the benefits to be gained from Google Glass already seem to outweigh the negative possibilities that are sure to be addressed by Google before the general release, that is if the search giant doesn’t want to be bombarded with bellows of “Don’t be evil”.

If you haven’t been kept in the loop regarding Google Glass, take a look at the spectacular demo given as the keynote address at Google I/O 2012:

What Might Google Glass Mean for Content Marketing?

Google relies on advertising for 90% of its revenue, so we can be sure they’re focused on finding new ways to incorporate quality apps and content into the experience of their search specs. However, app developers and digital marketers must rise to the challenge of creating something new and engaging that truly gives value to the beholder. The extreme immediacy of the Google Glass experience will demand quality content. Anything less will be an unwanted hindrance.
Mere pop-up ads would be a terrible eyesore. Imagine a window onto a world populated with view-obscuring floating advertisement boards. Yikes. Here’s a scenario: you’re driving down the street wearing your Google Glasses, cursing your car for its frequent stalling. Up pops Auto Trader classifieds of available alternative motors. Engrossed in scanning the vehicle prices you accidently veer off into a fire hydrant. A “Should have gone to Specsavers!” pop-up mocks your misfortune.

Check out this hilarious spoof video demoing an “ADmented Reality”:

What Google, app developers and digital marketers will need to consider is that the choice of the Google Glass wearer will be paramount. Ideas that spring to mind include an app for theatregoers that compares ticket prices as they view the current programme and wouldn’t it be great to stroll into an Odeon cinema and be able to view the trailers for the films currently showing through your Google Glasses?

There are a multitude of business-related possibilities too. Imagine being able to surreptitiously view a guide to effective conference speaking with full video tuition hours prior to your crucial keynote. The mind truly boggles at the fresh vistas Google Glass could open up for app developers and digital marketers committed to quality content.

Glimpsing a Vision of the Future

So when can we get a pair of these nifty futuristic specs? Well, although originally slated for a 2014 release, the abundance of developer kits already handed out to those lucky enough to win a Google competition and have a spare $1,500 in their wallet indicates that a late 2013 release could be possible. The price? $750/£500 is being whispered in tech circles.

One thing’s for certain, Ninja Creative is looking forward to looking through Google Glass.